Digital signage solution for touch and traditional screens

Control and manage content on screens remotely from one web application (CMS). For traditional or touch screens of any brand and type.

Two handy tools in one digital signage solution

Ki-Wi Player app

Display varying content simultaneously on various screens — according to their type or placement.

Display multiple types of content on one screen at once.

Integrate Ki-Wi Player with printers, barcode and NFC readers, scanners or other devices.

Enjoy the simplicity of a multi-platform app compatible with all operating systems.

Ki-Wi Server web interface

Manage and plan content remotely on touch and traditional screens.

Save and manage media (pictures, videos, apps, web content, streams, PDF, PPTX, widgets and more).

Create your own media playlists and create playlist folders. Send those folders to screens of your choice.

Analyze and interpret acquired data and target your content with higher precision.

More Ki-Wi benefits

Short-term internet connection outages never affect you. All data is downloaded into storage and content can be displayed from a local network drive.

Restart a misbehaving screen, check its displayed content and set its shut-down time. Remotely.

Even inexperienced users find Ki-Wi’s interactive control of touch screens and information kiosks a piece of cake. All thanks to smart widgets — such as our navigation bar, virtual keyboard or bookmark tabs.

Safety first. Restrict access and prevent error pop-ups from appearing on screens, forbid updates and file downloads.

Ki-Wi Signage runs on all operating systems
and devices

Integrate Ki-Wi Signage with other tools

Connect Ki-Wi Signage with your information system, calendar or HR system. Let your customers search for information on LCD screens or information kiosks.

Let us know, we will invent it together