Digital signage solution for touch and classic screens

Control any screen and manage content remotely from one web application (CMS). It does not matter how many screens you have.

Two powerful tools in one digital signage solution

Aplication Ki-Wi Player

Play different content on different screens at the same moment according to location or screen type

Display multiple content types on one screen simultaneously

Connect printer, bar code reader and NFC scanner or other devices

Enjoy the unproblematic multi-platform application on all operating systems

Ki-Wi Server web interface

Manage and plan your content on touch and classic screens remotely

Store and manage media (images, videos, applications, web content, streams, PDF, PPTX, widgets etc.)

Create media playlists and put them into folders that can be sent to selected screens

Analyze and interpret collected data to better target your content

This will also make you love our solution:

Short Internet outages will not catch you off guard. Everything is downloaded to a storage and you can play your content from a local network drive.

Restart a defunct screen, then check what is currently playing and set shut down timer. All remotely.

Navigating touch screens and information kiosks is a piece of cake even for inexperienced users thanks to widgets like navigation bar, virtual keyboard or tabs.

You can prevent pop-ups of error messages, updates and files download by access restriction. Safety first.

Ki-Wi Signage works on all operating systems
and devices

Integrate Ki-Wi Signage with other tools

You can connect Ki-Wi Signage to your information system, calendar or HR system. This allows customers and employees to look for required information through LCD screens or infokiosks.

Let us know, we will invent it together