Ki-Wi Signage ENTRY: A one-time license to bring your screens to life

  • One-time investment, 5-year license

  • Templates and widgets included

  • Easy content management via Ki-Wi Server

  • Compatible with Panasonic Connect, FrameXX Sign, BenQ Signage, Sony BRAVIA Professional Display, Generic Android device, iiyama, Dotykačka

One-time Investment 

Get a 5-year license for a one-time payment. No monthly fees, just a fair price.

Templates & Widgets

Included Utilize pre-made templates and widgets for easy content creation. All included in the license price.

License Transferability 

In case of device failure, you can easily transfer the license to new hardware. This makes the licence as flexible as possible.

Available Helpdesk 

If you encounter a situation that you are unable to handle, you can turn to our qualified helpdesk.

Security and Updates

For the entire duration of the 5-year license, you are guaranteed access to security and functional updates. Your digital content will always be protected and up-to-date.

Comparison with Other Licenses

Why Choose a 5-Year Ki-Wi Signage ENTRY License? 

Our 5-year license brings long-term value and peace of mind for your digital content. Here are a few key reasons why a 5-year license is a smart choice:

  • Long-term Validity: With a 5-year license, you'll have access to all Ki-Wi Signage ENTRY features for a full 5 years. No worries about renewals or service interruptions.
  • Great Value: A one-time payment for a 5-year license offers significant savings in the long run. The longer you use the license, the more you save.
  • Security and Updates: Throughout the 5-year license period, you are guaranteed access to security and feature updates. Your digital content will always be protected and up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Ki-Wi Signage ENTRY and other plans? 

Ki-Wi Signage ENTRY is a one-time cloud license for 5 years with a limited number of users and storage. It offers key features at an affordable price. The PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE plans provide extended capabilities and customization for more demanding projects, as well as much faster support response times and service.

Can I use an ENTRY license on multiple devices? 

The ENTRY license is tied to one specific device. However, in case of device failure, you can transfer the license to a new device without losing the remaining license duration.

What platforms and brands does Ki-Wi Signage ENTRY support? 

The ENTRY license supports a wide range of digital signage platforms. For the Czech market, we offer the option to use it for 1 platform/brand (e.g. Panasonic, Samsung) with a single license. However, it does not work with the Windows platform.

How does technical support work for ENTRY? 

With the ENTRY license, you gain access to our helpdesk, where our team will provide support and assistance in resolving issues. Response time and availability differ from the PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE plans.

Can I upgrade from ENTRY to a higher plan? 

Yes, if you find that you need more advanced features or greater flexibility, you can upgrade your ENTRY license to a PREMIUM or ENTERPRISE plan at any time. Contact our sales team for more information.