Ki-Wi Menu

Create, update and publish menus for multiple food venues. Ki-Wi Menu is a clever and user friendly application for managing food menus for all your locations at once.

Made for restaurants, canteens, and cafeterias

Forget blackboard writing. Say goodbye to menu printouts. A phone, a tablet or a laptop is everything you need to have your daily specials displayed instantly. At all your locations.

Meal descriptions, photos and prices

Name and add a short description to every item on the menu, then complete it with pictures and listed prices. Make instant changes to your lists, their background, orientation, font colour. Or set a separate list for daily specialties.

Instant changes and alterations

Unexpectedly ran out of a dish or your cook made an extra meal? You’re (re)set in just a few clicks — with the change being displayed immediately on all relevant displays. No need for staff to go through menu tweaks over and over again.

As many locations as you need

Ki-Wi Menu lets you manage an unlimited number of touch and traditional screens for multiple locations. One glance and you know exactly which displays are online and what they’re showing.

Fully compatible with Ki-Wi Server

The Ki-Wi Menu is fully compatible with Ki-Wi Server. Add some food for thought to your menus — display latest news, weather or important notices on your screens.

Ki-Wi Menu Price List

Pay yearly, not dearly. A yearly licence is a better deal compared to monthly payments.
The more licences you purchase, the lower the price for one.

Ki-Wi SignageMenu
What type of Ki-Wi Menu payment are you considering?
4 €one device/month
Adding new locations
Switching locations
Editing/removing locations
Adding/removing users to a location
Creating multiplenu menu lists (daily specials, seasonal offers)
Editing/removing menu items
Instant changes
e.g., hiding an item when it sells out
Displaying offers offline
Layout Edits
Font colour
Background edit
e.g., add your own picture
Date & Time
Location name
Currency settings
Menu Settings for Display
Horizontal/vertical orientation
Website Integration
Compatible with Ki-Wi player

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