Ki-Wi Menu

Transparent application, which lets you easily create or update food menu and display it on all screens in your establishments.

Made for restaurants, canteens, and cafeterias

With Ki-Wi Menu you will never have to put a menu on a board or print it on a paper. You just need a smartphone, tablet, or a PC to set everything up in just a few minutes. The menu will be then displayed on any touch or classic screen in your establishments.

You can set descriptions, images and prices in the application

You can add a name and short description to each menu item and also attach a photo and add the price. You can quickly manage order of the items, font color, vertical or horizontal orientation, or background. You can divide the menu to daily and permanent menu.

Changes will be visible immediately

Have you run out of a dish or the chef has prepared a different one? You just need a few swipes or clicks in the app and all respective screens will display the change immediately. Personnel will not have to apologize to your guests.

For unlimited number of establishments

You can control unlimited number of touch and classic screens in all establishments with Ki-Wi Menu. You can see which screens are online and what content they are currently displaying. You can also set automatic power on/off of the displays according to opening hours.

Fully compatible with Ki-Wi Server

Ki-Wi Menu is fully compatible with Ki-Wi Server. Besides the menu, you can display other information – news, weather, or important documents.