Your company will not need a paper message board anymore

Digital message board INFOPOINT is more effective on all levels. It will save your time, paper and will ensure that information will get to all employees in time. You can project your message board on any number of displays across the whole company and still manage it from one system.

Main advantages of INFOPOINT digital message board

Clearly display important documents (e.g., OSH), results and real-time data on digital message board – display or displays across the whole company.

Deliver important information to those without company email or intranet access.

Save time, toner, and paper – you do not need to print anything or constantly adjust a paper message board.

Various files (videos, images, documents) will be converted to required format and displayed properly after dragging them to the message board.

Simply connect the message board with your company systems and quickly download necessary data. Manage everything in one system.

Manage and browse the digital message board without the need of interaction (i.e., via touch).

Documents and widgets

Apart from documents, you can also display their widgets – news, weather, lunch menu for the current day and others. Widgets can be adjusted or programmed as you desire.

Content distribution to any device

You can connect the digital message board with TVs, displays, kiosks or e.g., display walls, including older devices without operation system and chips.

Document format is not an issue

System will automatically convert your files to a required format, be it PDF, document, docx, xlsx or pptx. Manage and edit everything from one place.

Message board arrangement through templates

Create your own message board arrangement or use predefined templates (e.g., OSH, HR, corporate and so on). Adjust the templates easily by dragging tiles

Categorization with labels

You can also mark your tiles with labels – you can sort them easily and send to any number of displays. You can also label your displays.