Ki-Wi Server

Intuitive application enabling you to control all touch and classic screens in your establishment.

From the office. From home. Anywhere

You can install Ki-Wi Server to your PC, tablet or smartphone – then you can access it just through your web browser. You will have a tool to control all your business screens and kiosks always at hand.

Content management using drag & drop

Audio, video, webs, PDF, presentations and other. Just select the files you want to display on your screens and drag them to the app. Or you can prepare and save file packages (a.k.a. Playlists) which you can send to your selected screens as a whole. Screens distribution is up to you. For instance, you can divide the screen to several parts and send a different playlist to each of these

Advanced planning

You do not have to manage the screens content in real time – you can decide in advance when and in what intervals your content will be displayed using the content planning feature. You are provided with features like planning calendar, static planning using a media plan, or dynamic planning like “i want to display this video 6 times per hour” which is suitable for hundreds and thousands of screens.

Perfect control of all screens

The application shows the status of all connected screens and kiosks, including IP addresses, resolution, and operation system. You can immediately see, whether your screens and kiosks are online or offline, what content are they currently displaying, or when was the last time they were switched on. You can immediately send content, stop playback, turn off and restart a screen, or mute a screen anytime. Thus, you will save time and money for service operations.

Transparent interface

This is a multi-user system. As the manager you can assign various levels of access to other people who have access to the control interface. The app interface is intuitive, transparent, and easy to navigate, so you can control everything conveniently even from a phone or a tablet.

Do you need to control your business screens and kiosks from one application?