Payment Terminals as a Standard in Digital Signage: Integration in Ki-Wi Signage for Future Info-Kiosks

Payment terminals have become an integral part of modern info-kiosks and self-service solutions. Their integration into Digital Signage platforms, such as Ki-Wi Signage, opens up new possibilities for streamlining processes and enhancing customer experience. In this article, we will take a closer look at why payment terminals are a standard part of the Ki-Wi Signage integration set and the benefits this integration brings.

Ki-Wi Signage - A Modern Comprehensive Platform

Ki-Wi Signage is a comprehensive Digital Signage platform that enables centralized management and publishing of multimedia content on various types of screens. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, it finds application in a wide range of industries, from retail and hospitality to public administration and healthcare. One of the key features of the Ki-Wi Signage platform is its openness to integration with various third-party hardware and software solutions, including payment terminals.

Integration of payment terminals into platforms like Ki-Wi Signage brings numerous benefits. First and foremost, it allows for the creation of complete self-service solutions where customers or citizens can not only obtain information and interact with content but also perform payment transactions. This significantly simplifies and speeds up the process of purchasing goods, services, or tickets, leading to increased customer satisfaction and time savings.

Payment Terminals - Another Step Towards Customer Satisfaction

The incorporation of payment terminals into info-kiosks and Digital Signage solutions also contributes to the optimization of operational processes. By automating the payment process, the need for manual transaction processing and associated errors is reduced. At the same time, human resources are freed up, which can be more effectively utilized for other tasks, such as customer support or restocking.

Thanks to the integration of payment terminals into the platform, customers can choose a solution that best suits their needs and budget. Whether it's contactless terminals for fast and hygienic payments or advanced multifunctional devices supporting various card types, Ki-Wi Signage enables their integration.

Payment Terminal Integration

The process of integrating a payment terminal into a Digital Signage solution based on the Ki-Wi Signage platform requires a minor programmer intervention. We provide you with an API for accessing the payment terminal from a web browser, where you can easily program your payment logic, graphical representation, or functions. Currently, we provide connectivity to payment terminals supplied by Global Payments Europe.

In addition to technical aspects, it is also important to mention the security aspect. Our platform and all our suppliers and system operators place great emphasis on the protection of sensitive data and comply with strict security standards. Thanks to data encryption and advanced authentication mechanisms, customers and info-kiosk operators with payment terminals can trust that their transactions are protected against unauthorized access and misuse.

Marketing Dimension of Payment Integration

The extension with payment terminals also has significant marketing potential. Info-kiosks and interactive displays with payment options become attractive places for targeted advertising and promotional offers. Customers who use self-service payment services are often more open to receiving personalized recommendations and offers, creating new opportunities for increased sales and cross-selling.

Last but not least, the incorporation of payment terminals into the Digital Signage ecosystem contributes to building a modern and innovative brand image. Customers appreciate the convenience and speed of self-service payment solutions and perceive them as a sign of progress and customer experience orientation. For businesses and organizations that want to keep pace with the times and offer their customers the best, integrating payment terminals into their Digital Signage strategy is a key step.

Payments as a Standard Part of Digital Signage

Payment terminals have become a standard part of the integration set of Digital Signage platforms such as Ki-Wi Signage. With the Ki-Wi Signage platform, customers can implement payment solutions that suit their specific needs and benefit from the advantages of modern self-service technologies.