Ki-Wi Extends Memory of LG TVs webOS Signage

Many screens and TVs can’t be used to their full potential due to limited internal memory capacity. 4K videos or long playlists can’t be played without sufficient internal memory. Ki-Wi Signage comes to your rescue: Simply plug in an external hard drive into your LG screen. The app recognises it right away and lets you play its content. Works with any USB drive or SD card.

External Memory for LG TVs

After having installed our Ki-Wi Player app on your LG TV, plug in an external hard drive into your TV and activate it. The drive serves as extended internal memory of the TV, significantly increasing its original capacity.

To function as efficiently as possible, the app does not mirror data from external to internal drive. You choose where you save uploaded data. If you don’t, the app automatically stores data on the drive with more free space.

There are no limits to the number of external drives you can use at once. The only limitation is the number of free USB slots on your TV.

Remote or Manual Control

Content which is being played from the external hard drive can be controlled remotely or manually. Manual control is performed via the Ki-Wi Player Light app, remote control is enabled by the Ki-Wi Server controlling app. Both types of control can be combined — your TV, your choice.

Our tip: Choose a high-quality hard drive that sustains a high number of write–erase cycles. Then feel free to leave the drive plugged in long-term — extending the internal memory capacity of your TV for good.

Find more info about this feature on our info portal — External Storage.