Ki-Wi Signage now allows you to easily control whole video walls

A video wall is a set of several screens in a row or under each other – mostly 2x2 or 3x3, but also 1x5 and so on. With Ki-Wi Signage you can now control all these screens remotely and at once. You can display (duplicate) the same content on each screen or you can extend it to several screens connecting them into one big image.

Thanks to the video wall the content is much larger, pronounced and will attract passersby that would not be able to see one screen only. Many companies have their video walls facing into the street or in entrance halls, where they attract more visitors.

All screens at once

With Ki-Wi Signage you can control all screens at once just as comfortably as it was just one screen. You just need to set the order of the screens, whether you want to duplicate (the same content on each screen) or to extend (each screen displays part of the whole image).

When planning your content, you need to remember that in case of regular video walls (2x2, 3x3 etc.) the screen ratio is the same as in the case of one screen (16:9 or 9:16), so the screens can receive the same content as one screen only.

In case of irregular video walls (e.g. 1x5) the content would be stretched and narrowed. Therefore, you need to adapt the content adequately, or use optimization software.

Additional information, including manuals, can be found on documentation portal.

If you are interested in comfortable control of video walls or in Ki-Wi Signage, contact our business department.