Ki-Wi Signage now supports
Google Slides

You can now launch Google Slides on all screens in all your establishments. Just simply set a time interval between slides and choose, whether you want to play one presentation on repeat or several presentations in a row. You can also put a presentation into a playlist or templates among other media (web pages, weather, calendar, menu, etc.).

Set everything in minutes

When you create a presentation in Google Slides, just publish it on your web, set the interval between slides and additional parameters. It does not take more than several minutes.

Complete manual for Google Slides in Ki-Wi Signage

The presentation starts immediately on all screens you choose.

Individually or as a part of a template

Ki-Wi Signage allows you to play Google Slides exactly the way you need. You can set one presentation to play on repeat – or more presentations in a loop.

The presentation can also be one of your playlist items and will be launched among launch menus or weather information. You can also set the presentation as a part of a template and it will be displayed just on a half or quarter of the screen.

If you do not already own and use Ki-Wi Signage and want to try it for free, register for the 30 days Premium version for free.