New Ki-Wi Player Light 1.7 is here!

In August 2020 we released a version of Ki-Wi Player Light for SoC devices with a chip inside (such as Samsung, LG, Philips, and Andriod devices) which is full of new functionalities. The main innovations are for instance support of media plans (setting in playlist details), support of content planning (calendar, priorities), no loading of media web, kiosk, and widget and improved stability. 

This new version of Ki-Wi Player Light is much closer to Ki-Wi Platform for Windows OS devices.

Player Light 1.7. for SoC now can:

  • Play media vertically and horizontally
  • Play videos (mp4, wmv, mpeg, avi, mov...)
  • Display images (jpg, png, gif)
  • Web pages
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • Stream (HTTP, RTP)
  • Ki-Wi components (widgets) – weather, news, running information bar (in Sharepoint via Announcements list + RSS Feed On)
  • Support of various display resolutions
  • Fluent transitions between media
  • Store & Play – Playback even without Internet connection, media are downloaded only at the beginning of playback
  • Own display layout (templates)
  • Images on the display background
  • Content change planning – Planning calendar
  • Urgent content – Immediate display of content on the display (highest priority)
  • Medium time limitation in playlist – Media plans
  • HW (LCD) operation time settings – Regular switching off at selected time
  • Remote restart
  • Remote automatic update
  • Playback volume settings
  • External sensor support – readers, etc.
  • Played content logging
  • Device status monitoring
  • Remote control prohibition
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Installation dialog
  • Touch applications support

But even now we are not done upgrading. In the future, we plan for instance: 

  • Playback from a network folder support
  • Dynamic and storage playlists
  • Combination of Player/Kiosk regimes 
  • And many other functionalities which our team is constantly working on.

Difference between Ki-Wi Player Light and Ki-Wi Platform

Compared to Ki-Wi Platform, Ki-Wi Player Light still cannot play audio files (mp3, wma), run PowerPoint presentations, dynamic playlists media order, storage playlists and setting of media format. Despite certain limitations our application can be used for SoC devices such as prices control device, receipts dispenser or combination of both.