New Version of Ki-Wi Player: Upload Files from External Hard Drive and Scan Documents Directly into Your System 

The latest version of Ki-Wi Player 6.0 for Windows brings new features for all touchscreen devices with a Windows operating system. Uploading documents into your information kiosk gets easier and quicker — simply upload files from an external hard drive or scan them directly into your touchscreen device. The new version comes with quicker internet and PDF browsers.

External File Upload

For those who use Ki-Wi Player to manage information kiosks: feel free to plug in an external drive and copy-paste files from it directly into your touchscreen device.

This is a helpful feature for many — e.g. employees in production facilities can now upload documents from their USB drives directly into HR or information system. 

Document Scanning

Ki-Wi Player functions as a scanner now! Simply connect your touchscreen device with a multifunctional printer and let your employees scan documents and send them directly into the kiosk.

This feature reduces stacks of papers that need to be handled. Whenever employees need to bring a document for HR (e.g. a doctor’s note), they can scan and send it directly into the system. No need to make copies and waste paper and time.

Printed Document Notification

Integrating your Ki-Wi Player with a printer unlocks another new feature — printed document notification. When a user prints out a document via kiosk, the app confirms that the document has been printed and invites the user to pick it up from the printer.

Russian Keyboard Layout Support

A useful feature for users writing in the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet. From now on, Ki-Wi Player supports English, Czech, Slovak, and Russian keyboard layout.

This feature comes in handy in facilities with a number of employees from Ukraine or other Eastern European countries.

64-bit App & New Browsers

The technical properties of Ki-Wi Player have also been enhanced:

  • The app is 64-bit now — faster and more stable when uploading 4K content. With expanded RAM memory.
  • We’ve upgraded the Chromium 84 browser to the 102 version. The browser is now quicker, more secure, and supports browsing sites running on new HTML standards.
  • The PDF browser has also been improved — it now enables rotation, enlargement, and contains electronic signature.

Integrate the Ki-Wi Player Windows app with many third-party SW and HW and unlock even more features and useful functions. Here’s more about that on the Ki-Wi Signage Integration page.