POPAI AWARDS 2023: Digital Projects with Ki-Wi Signage Score Big

Welcome to our blog. Today, we'll share with you information from the world of in-store marketing. Recently, the prestigious POPAI AWARDS 2023 took place, which recognized the best achievements in the field of in-store communication. We are proud that projects using our Ki-Wi Signage software excelled in the Digital Communication category.

Silver Success: Skoda Auto Pavilion in AUTOSTADT WOLFSBURG

The impressive Skoda Auto Pavilion in AUTOSTADT WOLFSBURG, realized with the participation of our partner company UGO! Media, took the silver position. This interactive showroom utilizes state-of-the-art digital technologies to present Škoda vehicles in an attractive and engaging environment. Visitors could take a close look at the models, the configurator allowed them to build a car according to their preferences, and large-format screens provided detailed information about individual vehicles. The integration of our Ki-Wi Signage software ensured smooth and trouble-free operation of all digital elements and contributed to an unforgettable visitor experience.

Bronze Innovation: LED Shelftalkers in the Perfume Segment

The bronze medal was awarded to DEX Digi experience for their innovative LED shelftalkers in the perfume segment. These interactive shelf displays combine an attractive design, dynamic display of product information, and the ability to try out fragrances. Integrated sensors react to the customer's presence and trigger targeted communication, increasing shopper engagement and involvement. Our Ki-Wi Signage platform made it easy to manage content on the displays and adapt it to current campaigns or seasonal offers.

Digitalization as a Key to Success in In-Store Marketing

The awards at POPAI AWARDS 2023 confirm that digitalization is a key tool for effectively reaching customers and increasing sales results at the point of sale. The combination of creativity, strategic planning, and modern technologies makes it possible to create impressive and personalized experiences that capture customers' attention and motivate them to purchase.

Our company is a proud partner of firms that want to harness the potential of digitalization for their growth. Ki-Wi Signage software offers a robust and flexible solution for managing digital content in stores of all sizes and formats. Whether it's digital signage, interactive displays, smart shelves, or sophisticated showrooms, our platform provides a reliable foundation for implementing innovative in-store projects.

If you too want to take your in-store communication to the next level, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to introduce you to the possibilities of our Ki-Wi Signage software and advise you on how to best use it for your specific needs. We look forward to collaborating and to more successful projects that push the boundaries of in-store marketing.