Control all screens with just one app

Create and plan your content on touch and classic screens regardless of screens number, their type, manufacturer or operation system with simple Ki-Wi Signage app.

Communicate unilaterally and interactively with
Ki-Wi Signage

Important information and notifications do not have to be communicated by human beings only. Use the touch screen as an interactive way of communication.

Train dozens of employees simultaneously and remotely. You can get rid of routine agenda and use interactive signature verification.

Support your sales by presenting discounts and special offers. Use your touch and classic screens as another communication channel.

Address your employees in the right place at the right time. They will not be able to come up with excuses that they have not received an email anymore.

Our satisfied customers

We came up with at least 4 reasons our customers and partners trust us

Own development

We have our own development team and 3 members have been with Ki-Wi from the very start. They gave all their love to our products, watched them grow and currently they keep an eye on their constant development.


With Ki-Wi Digital you can control any screen remotely from one place regardless of its age or operation system. No more unnecessary investments in new hardware.

13 year of experience

We have been developing software and selling hardware for 13 years. It is our experience that help our customers’ save money, time and worries.

Human approach

We are pros, but that does not mean we are not humans. We understand various needs of our clients and always try to satisfy them.

Try our clever content management on your screen

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