New Ki-Wi Signage version informs you about devices statuses and content synchronization

Newest Ki-Wi Signage version comes with two main new features. The first new feature brings four statuses which will let you know, whether the item is online or offline according to plan or not according to plan. The second new feature shows, whether the content is synchronized – i.e. whether screens display the content planned in the controlling application.

Four device statuses

Ki-Wi Server will now show one of four statuses for your screens and displays:

If the displays are online or offline (without the exclamation mark), everything is fine and the display is on or off according to plan – controlling task.

If a display is online with the exclamation mark, it means it is on, although it is supposed to be off according to plan. This can happen e.g. due to a blackout when the display is turned on after electricity starts working again. In this case you need to relaunch the controlling task to make everything right.

If a display is offline with the exclamation mark, it means it is off, although it is supposed to be on according to plan. This can happen e.g. due to a blackout, bad Internet connection, wrong display connection or device failure.

Content synchronization

To make sure every display or screen is playing what it should according to controlling application plan, you can now see its synchronization status.

The „OK“ symbol means that everything is OK, the content is synchronized and the display is playing according to plan.
The „“ symbol means that synchronization is in progress. This usually happens shortly after sending new content.
The „question mark“ symbol is displayed when the device is sending no synchronization information. This happens in older Ki-Wi Player versions, please contact our helpdesk and we will update your application.

More detailed information about content synchronization can be found on our documentation portal