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Information kiosks in Foxconn CZ

Ki-Wi Digital information kiosks helped Foxconn CZ HR workers reduce the number of routine requests from employees. They also saved time of employees and brought them a possibility to manage everything necessary directly from their workplace. 

Foxconn CZ, one of the world's most important suppliers of state-of-the-art IT technologies, uses a solution similar to Ki-Wi Digital information kiosks to communicate with their employees in Czechia.

Foxconn CZ operates two specialized production centers located in Kutná Hora and Pardubice. In regard to volume, technological demand, and logistic production provision, Foxconn CZ is one of the most important employers in the region with more than 5 000 employees. Such a high number of employees is demanding on operation which relates mainly to the HR department.

Status before information kiosks implementation

Before Foxconn CZ implemented the information kiosks, HR workers had been overloaded with administration work. This was mainly due to routine requirements from employees which were not complex, but so high in number, that it would mean increasing the HR department capacities. These requirements were mostly things such as personal data change, information on wages, vacations planning, overtimes, and so on.

Solution selection and configuration

To ensure department operation without any additional changes it was decided to find and implement a solution to move basic operations from HR workers directly to employees. This would not only free the HR workers’ hands, but also save time of employees who would not need their assistance.

The required solution had to combine several requirements. One of the main criteria was easy implementation, possibility to add other peripheries to the device, durability and also easy and intuitive operation. The device was primarily intended for untrained employees without access to Active Directory.

  After validating all criteria and all available devices on the market it was decided to get a multifunctional information kiosk. This type of device enables the user to use it not only as a multifunctional platform with intranet and personal system access, but also as a place for electronic signing, printing, and scanning of documents.

Information kiosks can be also remotely monitored and managed via Ki-Wi Server. The whole solution is also ready for Ki-Wi Player module implementation which enables to display selected content in time the devices are not used by any employees. Simply said, it is a screen saver with centrally managed content.

  Combination of the functionalities together with acquisition cost made Ki-Wi Digital kiosks a very attractive solution.

Implementation and use of information kiosks

Foxconn CZ analyzed workplaces in both affiliates and decided to implement 16 information kiosks. They created a user interface consisting of several applications connected to intranet and cloud system for HR workers called SAP Success Factor.

 Broad functionality of information kiosks supported by integrated multifunctional printer and signpad together with intuitive user interface created a full-fledged remote self-access HR department workplace.

  With the implementation, HR workers got rid of most of their routine agenda. Thanks to information kiosks, employees gained the possibility to access their profiles, manage their personal information and work with documents anytime they need directly from their workplace. To ensure personal data protection, devices are equipped with electronic identification card reader. 

Also, compatibility of information kiosks with other peripheries made HR workers lives easier. Combination of multifunctional printer with signpad enables easy administration of paper documents signing. 

  If the employee needs for example to send a labor contract addendum to HR department, they open the document at the kiosk, sign it on the signpad and send it to HR electronically. If they need to physically own the document, they can use the integrated printer. Scanner is also useful in case employees need to send scanned documents to HR department. These can serve as a ground for personal data change request. Approval workflow of such request can be monitored by the employees in the system easily. 

Another very useful functionality of information kiosks is the possibility to view work schedules and overtimes. This functionality is very appreciated by the employees in combination with wages check.

  Digitalization of paychecks is another feature connected to wages. HR workers send paychecks electronically to every employee. In case the employees want to, they can print their paychecks at information kiosks and own them physically.

  Information kiosks also enable access to vacation planning systems. The system allows to create a request, send it and then monitor the approval process.

  Information kiosks are also a contribution in the area of trainings and newly opened job positions. Employees can not only view scheduled trainings, but they can also complete individual e-learning trainings on these devices. 

 HR department regularly updates intranet with newly opened job roles which the employees can apply for. And so, information kiosks are a medium that helps employees in their career growth.

 Also, the system for electronic requests administration called Jira has its own application in the user interface. All users who have a domain access can enter this application, create requests and monitor the workflow. They can easily create a request for password reset, technical consultation, or documents confirmation by HR department. Foxconn plans to provide all employees with the possibility to make such requests in the future.

Information kiosks are also a favorite medium to get information about boarding and for administration of company benefits in Cafeteria application. This application enables employees to change collected points for meal vouchers and other benefits.

  Foxconn CZ plans to use information kiosks for top management notifications to employees. Kiosks will be used to communicate vision, important organization information or important successes in production.

  Thanks to lots of possibilities, information kiosks have become an important medium for more effective communication between employees, HR department and other subjects in the organizational structure. Their full potential still has not been met and it is planned to use them for other internal operations.

Customer statement

HR workers of Foxconn praise information kiosks. Administration work with employees has been reduced significantly with their help. “Kiosks rapidly decreased the number of requests from our employees. They can now find most information in the system by themselves easily and directly on the workplace and they do not need to see us personally. Also, documents signing and their following processing is much faster now,” said Markéta Kršková, Foxconn Internal HR systems administrator.

  Information kiosks became popular not only with HR workers. The fact that more and more regular employees use them is a proof of successful implementation. “Mainly in the time of wages we see lots of employees here who came to print their paychecks,” adds Markéta Kršková.

  Because kiosks are becoming more popular amongst employees, Foxconn is considering getting more of these. “Currently, we use 16 information kiosks in our affiliates in Pardubice and Kutná Hora.

  We would like to add two more to cover more workplaces and more employees. 

 We would also like to extend their functionality with the possibility of remote administration and playback in times they are not being used by the employees,” said Alena Doušová. Foxconn CZ Project Manager for kiosks implementation.

Final evaluation

Information kiosks by Ki-Wi Digital serve its main purpose in Foxconn CZ. Not only they make communication of regular employees with HR department easier, but they also serve as a medium for self-administration of personal agenda. They are also a platform offering simple and quick access to internal company information from one point.

  Kiosks implementation in Foxconn confirmed they are a high value solution which can cover requests by high number of users in corporate environment.

- Markéta Kršková -