We are introducing a new widget: Ki-Wi Calendar

New Ki-Wi Calendar can be used on any displays and screens and will display your schedule of company meetings, social events, events in meeting rooms, or navigation for your visitors.

Use possibilities of the new widget

You will use Ki-Wi Calendar mostly in two cases.

In the first case, you will launch the widget on screens that are at the entrance to a meeting room. Your visitors or conference attendees can see current and following schedule in the given room on the display. A screen with the same content can also be inside the room, of course.

In the second case, Ki-Wi Calendar serves as a guidepost and you can display schedules of all meeting rooms in the building on a central screen (which might be located at the reception, for instance).

How do you make the widget work?

The new widget is compatible with all Ki-Wi Player Windows and Ki-Wi Player Light versions and you just need to connect it with Google or Outlook calendar which will serve as data source.

As with all other widgets, Ki-Wi Calendar is activated in Ki-Wi Server app. You can find the instructions in our widget manual.

Additional information about Ki-Wi Calendar, including all documentation and use examples, can be found in our new documentation portal.