We Supplied 10 Information Kiosks with an Advanced Managing App for Doosan Bobcat

A world-renowned manufacturer of compact loaders and excavators, Doosan Bobcat has a large production facility located in Dobříš — approx. 60 km from Prague, Czech Republic. At Ki-Wi, we supplied 10 information kiosks with an advanced managing app for the Dobříš facility. These kiosks make it possible for employees to check their clocked hours and vacation days, update their personal data in company’s HR systems, and read important info about actual topics and events in the company.

More Comfort for Employees

Information kiosks make it easier for employees to navigate through company’s HR systems. Doosan Bobcat’s HR Department required 24/7 availability of information so that employees working night shifts don’t feel left behind. They wanted employees to be able to check their data in HR system whenever they want, and send requirements to HR electronically.

Thanks to information kiosks, employees can:

  • check their clocked hours and vacation days (RON Software),
  • display their personal and accounting data,
  • send a request to HR,
  • recommend new colleagues,
  • read an important notice from the employer,
  • contact employee helpline,
  • find tax info (the TOS app enables employees to adjust their personal and accounting data, ask for their annual tax settlement, and more).

Employees are able to sort out their HR requests in just a few clicks in any information kiosk — they don’t have to make a call to HR or go there in person. It’s possible to overview current vacancies from a kiosk, or pay an online visit to the Bobcat shop. There’s various helpful info to be found under the My Bobcat tab.

Supplying Kiosks and Perfecting the Managing App

The information kiosks we delivered to Doosan Bobcat incorporate a wide range of functions. Practic Panel 23 touch kiosks are equipped with an RFID reader, a SHARP printer, and an electronic signature pen.

SHARP printer placed right next to information kiosks enable employees to print and scan documents any time.

To make it possible for employees to use all functions of information kiosks to the max, we improved our kiosk managing app Ki-Wi Player Windows — it’s now 64-bit and equipped with new functions:

We’ve developed these functions to suit the needs and meet the requirements of Doosan Bobcat, but we’re sure they will be helpful for various other companies. We’ve supplied the same or very similar kiosks to e.g. Foxconn CZ, Continental SK, Johns Manville, Osram SK, and more.

Customer Review

“Information kiosks make it easy for employees to access their attendance sheet and accounting info and that alone opens a lot of options for them. Moreover, they have direct access to the employee helpline from the kiosks, they can send requests for their tax settlement from them, or let us know about a change of their personal data.

We’re very happy we have teamed up with Ki-Wi. They’re true professionals, met all our requirements and supplied everything in time.”

Jaroslava Michálková
HR Project and Process Manager at Doosan Bobcat

“One of the conditions for Doosan Bobcat information kiosks was an integrated on-premise software solution for monitoring and managing kiosks, including their content management. In addition, Doosan Bobcat required integration of their trusted attendance and wages software.

We needed to be able to communicate with third parties proactively and very swiftly in order to provide all the integrations Doosan Bobcat asked for. There were some extra tasks we had to do (updates of map and texts, adding a map, displaying dialogue after printing out a document, and more). I’m pleased to say we delivered everything in time, with the client being absolutely satisfied.

For similar projects to come, we’d welcome business partners who could provide the actual kiosks and integration of third-party systems.”

Petr Adamík
CEO Ki-Wi Digital